It's still as few as one and a half year before we're finally what we are today. I was a sales clerk in a bookshop before we started "idobata". I had been untouched by coffee-related work, in fact had nothing to do with food service business ever.
 My book company had been running a coffee shop. When they gave up the shop almost twenty years ago, I chanced to get a professional coffee mill as hand-me-downs from them. It provided some motivation for us to start our coffee van. It became my morning routine to grind beans, serving my family nice cups of coffee.
 The rich aroma of freshly-ground coffee beans was completely different. I was totally obsessed with the magic of coffee.
 It was not until we were engaged on the preparation that we recognized that high-quality beans of small farmers evoked so rich a sense of taste. And still now I'm checking the website for more information. At long last the goal to reach for has become clear.
 I think I want to mention more about dripping method, about beans, etc.